There is a growing environmentally friendly mind-set; people are starting to view green waste and the benefits of composting in a new way. Demand for compost products is on the rise, producing a viable value-added product and launching a successful marketing campaign for our product is the key to secure future success. Our facility needs to compete in a market with other compost operations, as well as traditional soil and planting media (such as peat).

Product / Brand

Ballisodare Composting Facility Ltd is set to launch its new brand EnviroCom to the market. The product incorporates not only the physical characteristics of the compost, but other characteristics that will make our product attractive, such as quality, uniqueness, packaging, and brand identification. In order to entice customers to purchase our compost we have considered factors affecting supply and demand.

  • Compost quality.
  • Product consistency.
  • Packaging
  • Product availability and producing enough compost product to meet demand.
  • Economics of transportation and distance to markets.
  • Economics and challenges associated with compost application.
  • Progress toward developing industry standards and specifications.
  • Our goal is to always produce a product of consistent quality.

Products and Price List

(As at April 2019, prices are subject to change)


25kg Bag Tonne Bag
Med Grade €3.00 € 50.00
Fine Grade €5.50 € 65.00
Veggie Mix €7.00 € 75.00

Bark Mulch

25kg Bag Tonne Bag
Reg Grade €7.00 € 75.00

Bulk Buy

Cubic Metre
Med Grade €35.00 collected
Fine Grade €50.00 collected
Veggie Mix €60.00 collected
Bark Mulch €60.00 collected

Chip Mulch

Tonne Bag
Natural €70.00
Coloured €80.00

We offer a delivery service, please call for prices.